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Daryl Williams launches campaign for the chairmanship

Daryl_williams Daryl, a former member of the NME and a candidate for Chairman two years ago, is the first prospective Chairman to officially throw his hat into the ring this year:

Dear Sam,

I am writing to you as I wish to make my announcement on ConservativeHome that I intend to put myself forward as a candidate for National Chairman of Conservative Future.

ConservativeHome is a website I visit daily and it is a site that has established itself as an indispensable guide to the daily world of politics.  As you know I believe strongly in democracy and ConservativeHome has provided many activists in the Conservative Party a stronger voice, making politics more accessible, and accountable.  This is why I decided to make my announcement here first.

A timetable for elections have yet to be published but I feel that it is important to come forward now so I can engage with the membership of CF.  These elections are not about the candidates but about the people we seek to serve.  I want to know the vision of our members as well as outlining my own.   

Please find my five pledges to the members of Conservative Future that will be central to my campaign.

Daryl Williams

Daryl has a very comprehensive website which has now gone live. It lists his activities and also quite refreshingly goes into frank detail about why he is involved in politics.

He has sent me what will be the five main strands of his CF policy platform...


Monthly meetings of the National Executive in each region of England & Wales

I will hold monthly meetings of the CF National Management Executive and each meeting will be held in a different region of England and Wales.  The National Executive will visit all regions, from the North East to the South West and Wales.   

The national team will be accountable to its members with Q&A Time

At various events across our nation will be time allotted for NME Q&A sessions.  I will give CF members the opportunity to question me as Chairman and the National Team.  You will have the power to hold us to account and ensure we are delivering on our commitments to you.

A clear campaign strategy delivered through Campaign Committees.

Campaign days must follow a clear strategy that helps us win seats.  Activists will be empowered through regional campaign committees.  I will work with Campaign Headquarters to agree a CF marginal seat strategy.  The strategy will be delivered through the committees ensuring our members are working with campaign directors, supporting the party’s aims and maintaining a good network of communication.   

Work alongside well established organisations

We must move away from the belief we can do everything from the centre.  I will work with well established organisations and think tanks to ensure we are offering members new training opportunities and to discuss policy. 

Creation of CF Training College

I want to create a CF Training College that provides nation-wide events and seeks to support young councillors, aspiring candidates, activists, CF Branch and Area Chairman.  Youth politics is somewhere for young activists to cut their teeth and I want to help prepare you for the future.

Daryl will try to answer any questions you might have in the comments on this post....


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