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CF changeover will be at Spring Forum

This is the timetable for this year's elections, as decided by the Party Board last night:

  • Wednesday 31 October 2007 - CF Electoral Register closes
  • Monday 14 January 2008 - nominations open
  • Friday 1 February 2008 - close of nominations 12 noon
  • Monday 11 February 2008 - dispatch of ballot papers
  • Monday 3 March 2008 - close of ballot 12noon
  • Monday 3 March 2008 - count and declaration of ballot 6pm

The elections are a lot later than expected which is unfortunate as the national team were elected to hold their positions for a shorter than normal period of time rather than a much longer one. The main reason given for this is that there were no staff to organise it until now. There is no planned adjustment to the incoming team's tenure so late winter/early spring will be the CF election period for the foreseeable future.

Mark Clarke will remain as Chairman. The Exec members will also stay on if they wish to as will Area Chairmen although some of them have resigned recently.

Click here to make an application to a national position, and here for an area position.

Important note: Only those of you who have been members for over three months before close of nominations can vote in the election, so that means you have to join or renew your membership of the Party today or tomorrow to be eligible!


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