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What did you do this summer?

Ybf_logo Donal Blaney is the Chief Executive of the Young Britons’ Foundation.

Britain’s relationship with the United States is the cornerstone of our nation’s foreign policy. Its importance was reinforced last week by the Queen’s visit to America and the warm words exchanged by President Bush and the Queen. This week Tony Blair has reminded us that America is our most important and closest ally – and the accession to power of Gordon Brown will not change that fact either.

With this in mind, and in a desire for British conservatives to learn from the successes – and failures – of the American conservative movement, the Young Britons’ Foundation has organized what I believe to be a very exciting series of opportunities in the United States for young British conservative activists this summer.

This week is the last opportunity for young conservative activists to apply to attend one, two or all three of the exciting conservative conferences that YBF supporters and students have been invited to attend in Washington, DC and New York this summer.

From Sunday, 29th July to Saturday, 4th August, the Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference is taking place in Washington, DC. This is a superb opportunity to learn about conservative ideas and effective activism, meet and network with like-minded students, interact with leading conservative speakers, receive valuable resource materials and improve your critical thinking and debate skills.

Thanks to the generosity of YBF's supporters and the co-operation of the President of the Young America's Foundation, attendance at this conference is free of charge to British conservative activists applying to attend through YBF. There is also free accommodation and meals provided too.

From Monday, 6th August to Saturday, 11th August, the Foundation for Economic Education is hosting its annual Freedom University. This is an unparalleled opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge of classical liberalism, the fundamentals of the free market and the prospects for the preservation of liberty in the years to come. This conference too provides free accommodation, meals and tuition.

Finally from Sunday, 12th August to Thursday, 16th August, the Leadership Institute has agreed to host a conference focussing on the development of activists' campaigning skills. Thanks to the generosity of YBF's supporters, this conference also sees free accommodation, meals, tuition and course materials provided - a saving of $150.

All young conservative students are welcome to attend all of these conferences, or any combination of them. If you know of anyone who wishes to attend all or any of them, however, they will need to let me know as any application(s) will only be accepted if they come through the Young Britons' Foundation.

Time is tight. I need to confirm names and numbers with YAF, FEE and the LI by the end of THIS week. So please email me and I should be delighted to help you become an even more effective activist this summer!


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