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Clare Hilley back from the island

Clare_hilleyClare, a well-known Conservative Future activist in London and Lancaster, was voted off Castaway the other day. Apparently she had to vote on who was the least beneficial to the group and, not knowing it was a draw, voted for herself.

The Sun has caught up with her in Auckland, where she said she still has ambitions to be a Tory MP:

"I am a little bit apprehensive about what is going on in the outside world. I hope the Conservative party hasn’t black-listed me and I haven’t disappointed people too much with my ranting and raving.

I hope my actions have made the Conservative party proud. Hopefully I have shown the party is changing and that we are young and trendy.

Before I came out I was very much on the right of the party but my political values have been added to. I used to see things in black and white but now I see policy issues are very grey and debate is necessary. I think I have become a bit more left-wing."

The BBC has stacks of videos and stories about Clare's time on the show here.


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