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Two conservative movement training opportunities

Last year saw the first Freedom Week, a four-day course aiming to equip young people with "the knowledge, the confidence, and the network to defend freedom". This year it will again take place at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, July 16th - 20th . The organiser writes:

"The theory and practice of a free society based on individual liberty and the free market are rarely taught in our education system and are seldom portrayed in a positive light by the media. From childhood, we are taught that pursuing one's own interest and trying to achieve are detrimental to society as a whole; and that intervention by the state to alleviate perceived injustices is both desirable and effective. And yet, history shows us otherwise.  Societies where individual freedoms are guaranteed thrive, whereas collectivist systems lead to misery."

I can't say I entirely agree with the second sentence but the first sums up the course's necessity, and good things were said about it last year. Attendance, food and accommodation are all free for participating students but they have to guarantee their presence at all of the lectures, which are taken by a number of distinguished academics in the field.


Following on from their successful Television Techniques Training Workshop in February, the Young Britons' Foundation has scheduled another workshop for next Thursday (22nd March). As before, the workshop will be limited to 6 attendees so as to maximise time in front of the camera and interaction with lecturers. More information on the workshop and how to apply for a place can be found here.

Both organisations are filling important niches and are entirely funded by the generosity of their supporters - this year's Freedom Week still needs a substantial amount of money to go ahead and YBF want to continue to hold regular workshops.

If you would like to contribute to the development of either organisation email [email protected] or [email protected], respectively.


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