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A few blog snippets

  • "I do not like young people much they have far to good a time. I shuffle to work everyday like a miserable Monk, being harvested by the State for my life force, while they skip and cavort with sexy new media projects ,and have ,“ vibrant “ web communities of smarmy Conservative Future members." - Islington Newmania
  • "I know attempts have been made to devolve CF in Wales before, but I think it is time to review the situation and give CF in Wales autonomy. There will be some unionists who’ll have their doubts, but I do not see this as an issue of national identity, rather it is an issue of political reality." - Nick Webb
  • "Conservative Future has adopted a "marginal seats" campaign which is far too conservative (with a little c). Three of the seats targetted (Solihull, Wirral West and Portsmouth North) are notionally Tory under new boundaries anyway! Finchley and Golders Green (Con target no 1!)and Harlow (6) need a fractional swing to be won and even winning the least marginal target seats of Pendle (45) and Worcester (59) would only leave the Tories in hung Parliament territory." - PragueTory


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