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Thank you

CF Diary has now had over one thousand comments on its articles.

  • Although this is a fraction of the huge number of comments on ToryDiary, this is a niche blog that has direct moderation
  • Cheers
  • Comments are usually of a high quality, there have been very few comments that I haven't approved since this site launched last summer to cover the CF elections.
  • Posting will become daily again in a few months when the next elections are closer, there isn't enough to write about between elections without losing focus
  • CFDiary now links to 60-odd CF blogs (scroll down left sidebar) - the number of them is growing all the time and a lot of debate has been sparked on them. Again, if yours isn't on there let me know!
  • I'm delighted that John Moorcraft has agreed to bestow his wisdom upon us every week, click here to see the columns he has written thus far.
  • The next development will be a weekly mailing list linking to events, news and debates of interest to young conservatives.

I want this to continue to be a serious forum for young Conservatives, neither a gossipy chatroom nor a personal megaphone. If you ever have any suggestions or criticisms, always feel free to email me - sam[AT]


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