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Thanks, Justine

Justine_greening Justine Greening, one of the stars of the 2005 Parliamentary intake, has been busy in the media over the last day or two.

Since becoming Vice Chairman of the Party with responsibility for Youth she has taken a very active interest in her brief, making CF a personal project of hers and representing its interests to CCHQ.

I'm grateful to Mark Clarke for obliging in compiling a list of what she has done for CF in the last three months:

  • Created the Freshers Fair packs (including personally designing the posters) which resulted in a 70% increase in membership this year.
  • Worked with me on the proposals to the Party on future CF funding.
  • Jointly presented with me to other Party donors to secure more funding for CF.
  • Attended many CF events  - Southamption Freshers Fair, Wirral West CF, Sheffield CF and UCL.  She is also committed over the next 6 weeks to at least Aberwystith Uni and Lancaster Uni.
  • She took the NME out for Christmas drinks.
  • She has presented with me on the current activities of CF to Steve Hilton and to George Bridges at CCHQ. This was linked to the funding question.
  • She meets with Sarah Southern and myself on a weekly basis to plan the work ahead.
  • She came as a trainer on the CF women's training day and ran two sessions.
  • She came on the Battersea campaigns day and trained people on running an election campaign.
  • Expanded the role beyond merely CF to a general youth spokesman – witness today’s youth on youth crime stuff.

Thanks, Justine!


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