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National Convention allocation system decided

The NME yesterday decided how to allocate Conservative Future's 42 National Convention Places.

CF Diary had a good debate on the issue back in October, during which Mark Clarke outlined the guiding principles that have led to the following allocations:

  1. Places to all members of the National Management Executive.
  2. Places to our Honorary Vice Presidents and our President.
  3. One place to each of Conservative Way Forward, Tory Reform Group, Bow Group, Conservative Christian Fellowship, Conservative Home and the Conservative Friends of Israel. We believe that these organisations have worked especially hard for youth members in recent years.
  4. One place for each of our largest five University branches – Oxford, UCL, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester.
  5. One place for each of the four active groups outside London which approximate to Working Life age range – Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham
  6. That leaves at least six places to be allocated to other people. We anticipate that actually the final total will be much higher because of the inability of some of the above to meet the criteria of guaranteed attendance. Early indications are that we should have around twelve more places available. Members are invited to put themselves forward for the remaining places. A brief paragraph outlining what they have accomplished for CF in the last three years should suffice. The NME will then make the final decision. If you would like to apply then please drop Ranil Jayawardena a line with your paragraph by 31st January.

I had suggested publishing the final list with explanations for each person's appointment, this should be done by February 15th.

The structured format and the recognition of the conservative movement are welcome improvements on previous methods.


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