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Is your local association fit for purpose?

Henry Edward-Bancroft, a Conservative Future member in Surrey, seeks your opinion on best practice.

On January 1st dozens of new Conservative Associations were created across the country and it’s a good opportunity for Agents, Association Chairmen and anyone involved their local Conservative Association to re-think how they support and encourage younger members.

It should go without saying that the future of the party depends on young members taking on positions of responsibility – where are the Association Officers of the future going to come from?

In January I’m going to speak to my own Association about developing an approach to younger members based on good practice. We all know how important younger members of the party are, but we need some good ideas for Associations to put into practice.

I’m keen to hear stories of good practice and perhaps some shocking examples of bad practice (no names of course)!

Above all I’d like some innovative ideas and suggestions for involving our younger members in local Associations. Is there something local Associations can do to support younger members? Now’s the chance to have your say!


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