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Expensive event offenders

Recent_ball Partly because the money usually goes to a good cause (the Party, a charity or conservative organisation), and partly because most Conservative Party members are at the peak of their careers or retired from them... some Conservative/conservative events completely price young people out.

I don't think I need to explain why it is important that informative/networking/fun events are accessible to the incoming generation of Conservatives.

Should we petition for CF/student discounts at all expensive events?

I've started making a point of mentioning there is no apparent CF discount for certain events on ConHome's events list.

One problem with the all-encompassing under-30s catchment of CF though, is that some members are still on pocket money, others are indebted students, and still others are well-paid twenty something professionals. Although we need more young pro's, perhaps they should still pay more than students.

I'm not just talking official Conservative Party events but those held by organisations such as Conservative Way Forward and Women2Win (who have both subsidised events in the past).

Which organisations do you think need nudging on this, and which deserve praise?


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