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CF consultation website goes live

The long-awaited consultation website is now up. It is an excellent initiative - basically a month-long survey asking a number of questions about your experience with CF. I'm having trouble sending my results in though, if you are too it would be useful to let Cf_consultationChristian know.

I strongly urge you to have your say on it, its results - to be published on CF Diary in a month will be very interesting indeed. While you're in the survey groove, have a go at this month's ConHome survey as well!

Message from Christian Walker (Exec member for Communications):

"I'm delighted to be able to launch a period of consultation for Conservative Future with its members - the first for a number of years.  Since its creation in 1998 CF has evolved into an impressive political youth movement now with an estimated 20,000 members that is progressively gaining the respect it has earned and continues to deserve.  However no organisation stands still and CF needs to constantly review and adapt when necessary to represent the face of the party’s future.  To this end allows people to have their say.  It is of course never possible to cover everyone’s number one issue however the comments boxes provided allow for this inevitable frustration. 

Please also note that this consultation exercise has been produced at zero cost to the membership.  It will also not only inform the current National Management Executive but also those in years to come with the format established to allow for future more regular member feedback.  While delivering every request will be impossible we hope that this consultation also inspires debate about CF – what it represents, how it functions and its purpose and more importantly how the membership can contribute to this delivery.

All Area Chairmen have been asked to forward on details to their members and it will be advertised in the next Bulletin.  Following the closure of the consultation a summary of results will of course be made public to further fuel the aforementioned on going CF debate."


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