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Upcoming marginal seat events

From Craig Cox, who is now fulfilling his commitment to continue his blog

We now have dates, times, and venues for our next wave of events, and the remaining details for the events taking place in January. They are:

Pendle (PPC Andy Stephenson):
15.3.07 @ 8pm - The Sparrow Hawk Pub (same venue as previously)

Solihull (PPC Maggie Throup):
9.1.07 @ 8pm -  "The Townhouse", Warwick Road
12.3.07 @ 8pm - "The Townhouse", Warwick Road

Portsmouth (PPC Penny Mourdaunt): 
8.1.07 @ 8pm - "The Honest Politician" (Yes, it's a pub), Elm Grove, Southsea   
28.3.07 @ 8pm ' "The Honest Politician", Elm Grove, Southsea

Wirral West (PPC Esther McVey):
6.2.07 @ 8pm - "Koi", The Wirral
21.3.07 @ 8pm - Conservative Club, 24 Mells Drive, Wirral

Please put these dates in your diaries, and pass them on to all those you think would be interested. We need the support of all of you to make sure that these events are successful, and so that everybody has a good night out!

As ever, admission will be free of charge, and the basis of a fully functional branch will be evident after these events take place. I hope you will do all you can to support these events.

Also, I am in the process of organising some events for CF at the Spring Forum in Nottingham in 2007; watch this space. As ever, if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].


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