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Communications update

Christian_walker By Christian Walker, CF Exec member

November has been another month of encouragement for CF, during my travels to Torbay, Worcester, Stroud and Derby I have continued to meet great proactive CF chairmen both at area and branch level supported by members wanting to contribute more.

For the National Leadership Team it is has been a busy month and for me one full of challenges with some slight frustrations! During October I got to understand how CF actually operates and how the current communication system operates – the nature of which is something that clearly can’t be fully comprehended until you are duly elected – sadly!

Being on the NME

Having been an Area Chairman for two years and a branch chairman before that I feel I am perhaps adequately enough placed to know some aspects of what areas need from their central leadership team – logical lines of communication and a good referral system from CCHQ.  This year the NME are dedicated to improving the relationship with areas (not just in London) and from my travels and communications all requests for information to the elected leadership team are responded to promptly. So we are half way there! 

When I stood for election I pledged delivery and clarity – not a person that disappears for a year.  I have now been on the national leadership team for nearly three months and the not so pleasant realisation of what can actually be achieved by this elected body is becoming clear. The biggest challenge and perhaps frustration I have at present is in relation to the national website (one I know shared by many) we have great teams of writers producing material but at present there are a range of issues including access to update the site – my thanks for the writers’ patience.  The team are more than aware of the situation (I have seen to it they are) and we are working to address it.   

Non-London base

Following on from Matt’s update and his tongue in cheek comment - yes it is true Craig and I have not met to date face to face but I can assure you that where necessary the team is working closely and when I telephone in for meetings we tackle issues as a team under Mark’s leadership.   

Rather than this being a negative issue, although it does cause me some irritation that I am not based closer to London, it is I believe a good result for CF.  Marginal seats are our focus this year and laying the foundation for the next conservative government and while this will be indeed based in London winning the election certainly won’t – in fact I hope next year we have a greater non-London contingent on the NME. 


It remains clear we need to work together more and to this end I have proposed a consultation with the membership – this will be launched on 1 January 2006 and will run through a new temporary website  for one month.  The results will inform not only inform this NME but will provide some help to the next lucky people elected! 

Finally please remember if you have a question or issue that needs resolving please do not hesitate to contact me or copy me in so I can follow things up and ensure enquires are dealt with.


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