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Training for CF women - Saturday 25th November

Mark Clarke, CF Chairman, announces the first ever CF women’s training conference

Why are we having this training?

47% of CF members are women. But last year only around 10% of branch chairmen and area chairmen were women. This is despite the fact that women tend to do well in CF elections. I promised in my manifesto action to help fix this. As the first of these measures we are inviting women in CF to attend a training day in London. We hope that this day will inspire CF women to get more involved with the Party, network them with people in the Party and equip them with the tools to succeed. I have a background in fixing diversity problems in major companies through my work at Procter and Gamble and at the Boston Consulting Group and am personally committed to fixing this in CF.

What does the training look like?

Media Training” sessions on blogging, writing press releases and media management

Political Paths” sessions on life as and how to become an MP, a councillor and an MEP

Navigating the Party” sessions on building strong branches in CF, working with your local association and understanding the broader Conservative coalition

Confirmed trainers include blogger Iain Dale; former GMTV presenter, Esther McVey; John Major’s Press secretary, Sheila Gunn; Vice-Chairman of the Party for Women, Margot James; former policy adviser to HM The Queen and Chairman of the Candidates’ Association, Mary Macleod; Vice Chairman of the Party for Youth, Justine Greening MP and others…

Most of the sessions will be small scale seminar type trainings with plenty of interaction and hands on work – rather than lecture style show and tell. We have asked trainers to stay for the lunch and drinks sessions where possible so there will be plenty of opportunity for more informal discussions.

What are the logistics of the day?

Saturday 25th November. Main training goes from 10.30am to 5pm. Drinks from 5pm to 7pm. And Dinner from 7pm onwards – Sheila Gunn to speak at the dinner.

  • Central London Venue
  • £5 for the training day
  • £5 for the drinks afterwards
  • £20 for dinner

So a total cost of £30 if you want to come to everything.

How do I sign up?

Please return this application form to Sarah Southern at CCHQ, 25 Victoria Street, SW1H 0DL.

How do I find out more?

Call Mark Clarke, on 0798 468 0005 or e-mail Mark on [email protected]

Why is this event in London?

The working life conference and the student life conference will be held outside London this year. We will have a balanced programme of events and a presence. I have personally attended in the last month CF events in Southampton, North Wales, Manchester and Bournemouth. We have made the payment of the day modular to allow people who cannot attend everything because they are returning home  to pay less. We are also starting relatively late in order to allow people to travel to London on the day.

Can men attend this event?

Men are welcome to attend the drinks afterwards and the dinner. But we would like to keep the actual training session for women only. Cost for the drinks are £5 and the dinner are at £35. Please send your details to Sarah Southern at CCHQ. We have a specific problem with women coming through the organisation and want to take action to fix this. Men will be invited as normal to the other training days that will happen in the year.


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