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Embracing the Conservative Coalition

Ranil_jayawardena_1_1 Update by CF Exec member Ranil Jayawardena

Following Mark Clarke’s lead to make CF more open I am writing this brief message on ConservativeHome to let members know what I am doing to make CF a better organisation for all.

When the NME was elected, Mark and I agreed that it was crucial to move on from the past and make CF a more inclusive, inviting organisation. As a result, I have been written to a number of organisations in the Conservative Coalition to ask to co-host events for CF members – inside and outside London – offering CF members more social and political opportunities across the country.

I have written to the Adam Smith Institute, the Bow Group, Centre for Policy Studies, Centre for Social Justice, Conservative Christian Fellowship, Conservative Friends of Israel, Conservative Way Forward, Conservative Womens Organisation, Consult, Policy Exchange, Reform, Tory Reform Group, Women2Win and the Young Britons’ Foundation.

As you can see, we want to work with organisations on all sides of our Party. If you would like to get involved in the organisation of these joint events, please e-mail me. Furthermore, if you are involved in an organisation that I haven’t listed here and you want to work with CF, do let me know because the list above is certainly not exhaustive. It is just the beginning.


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