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Fancy being a CF Area Chairman?

Message from Mark Clarke, CF Chairman

On Monday 9th October the new National Management Executive will be having its first meeting to decide on the appointment of Area Chairman roles. Many of these were already decided through the election process. Those that were received late for whatever reason are decided upon by the National Management Executive in line with the CF Constitution. This will complete the process which began on the 24th July.

We have many outstanding candidates who have applied for the places. And this request for applications in no way implied that any existing candidate is unsuitable. However, at this late stage I wanted to publicise as broadly as possible the fact that this decision will be taken on the 9th to give everyone the opportunity to apply if they wanted to get more involved. I hope you will see this as a sign of how we want to make CF's operations and decision making both more transparent and more professional.

The Area Chairman role is critical within CF and provides the link between branches and the national team. Close co-ordination with the senior party is vital as is a commitment to building branches up and organising campaigining. More information is available here.

Areas available:

Black Country
Bristol and Gloucestershire
Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
Greater Manchester East
Greater Manchester West
Hampshire and Isle of White
Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire
Herefordshire and Shropshire
Leicester, Northampton and Rutland
Northern Ireland
Tyne and Wear
Wales South Central
Wales South East
Wales South West
Wiltshire and Dorset
Yorkshire North & East
Yorkshire West

If you are interested then please complete this form this form and return directly to me by 5pm on October 9th. We are using this form in an attempt to have a more professional approach to Area Chairman selection. If you have any questions then please do contact me directly. If you are unsure of which area you are in then this constituency guide should help.

Finally, I am particularly interested in seeing more women candidates apply for these roles. CF has a 47% female membership but last year had only 10% of its Area Chairman slots were filled by women. We will naturally be appointing based on merit - but I am keen to get the broadest set of applications.


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