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Co-opted NME positions to be advertised

Message from Mark Clarke, CF Chairman

The National Management Executive provides the core leadership for CF. The CF constitution allows for the co-option of three people to the Executive. The current team has identified a need to strengthen its team in three areas - Marginal Seats, Social Action and Media & Marketing.

We intend to find this person in the most transparent and professional process, consistent with the fact that we see CF as an organisation which can make a meaningful contribution towards a Conservative victory at the next election. There are no pre-identified candidates or deals or promises made during the recent election campaign – this is genuinely an open process. And we hope it will draw out people who perhaps have not thought about heavy involvement before.

We have written detailed job descriptions and application forms for each role. Applicants are invited to apply directly to me in the case of Social Action, and Media & Marketing and to Claire Palmer in the case of Marginal Seats.

Again, consistent with our desire for greater professionalisation of CF, we have secured the support of a team of appropriate people will review all the applicants and recommend two or three candidates to the National Management Executive for a final decision (in line with the CF constitution). We have requested assistance from people who have expertise in this field and / or understand CF well.

Marginal Seats:

The role is described in detail here. The application form is here. Delivering this agenda is the cornerstone of the plans for CF this year and was the centre piece of my manifesto. Claire Palmer who is leading this project will lead this recruitment team. Conor Burns, who is an Honorary Vice President of Conservative Future, a longstanding friend of the CF, who has fought the marginal seat of Eastleigh twice, has agreed to join the recruitment team. He understands well both CF and the needs of a marginal seat and we are grateful for his help. Closing date for applications is October 20th.

Social Action:

The role is described in detail here. The application form is here. I made a commitment during the election on ConservativeHome that I would create this position and this is the first step towards that. This commitment received broad support on ConservativeHome - see here and here. We are looking to get the plan in place first and then appoint the person to the NME once it is agreed. I will lead the recruitment team.

Philippa Stroud, the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Justice, has agreed to join the recruitment team. Philippa’s experience working with voluntary organisations makes her ideally suited to this role and we are delighted to be able to have the support of someone as well respected as her in helping find this important role.

Hannah Parker, who is a two term past Chairman of Conservative Future, and Honorary Vice President of Conservative Future and senior HR manager, has also agreed to join the team. She will bring CF experience and professional HR experience and we thank her for her continued support for the organisation. Closing date for applications is October 27th.

Media and Marketing:

Ths role in described in detail here. The application form is here. We have already had some good national coverage in the media in the last week of the Fresher’s activities and of the broader agenda for CF. But we need to go further and faster. I will lead this recruitment team assisted by Ranil Jayawardena. An experienced Press Officer with experience of working with the Conservative Party has been identified and he will assist with the recruitment. I myself was formerly a Brand Manager for Procter and Gamble and so have the necessary marketing experience to bring to the recruitment team. Closing date for applications is October 20th.

We look forward to hearing from those many people in the country who want to help Conservative Future make a meaningful contribution towards the creation of a Conservative government.


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