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Best of the blogs

Mark Clarke's is being updated very regularly at the moment and putting CF Diary to shame. Did you know Mark left his job to do CF full-time for a few months?

Nick Webb's is a must-read especially if you are in the Bristol & Gloucestershire area. He's recently merged his personal blog with his AC blog so it is well looked after - only suggestion from me would be to allow comments.

John Moorcraft - the guru of all things CF - has picked up his rate of posting of late (could you increase the font size a little, though!). One of yesterday's posts pointed out that the CF website hasn't changed the names of those on the National Team yet.

Aberystwyth CF have a model branch blog in that it has several contributors (although they haven't posted for a week). They write about general issues and it is a blog that I'm sure any student at Aber would be interested in reading. Love the rolling quotes feature too.

Martine Martin's "lebwog" is getting quite popular, and has a highly unique look.

Andrew Young's blog has lots of random YouTube videos. Serious posting today on last night's C4 Muslim debate.

There has been a marked rise of regularly updated CF blogs of late. The list of CF blogs on the left-hand side is certainly not comprehensive yet, please do point out any omissions. Thanks!


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