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Benchmarking the NME 06/07

Have you ever voted for someone, in any kind of election, who initially promised the world but didn't deliver once they got the title? Obviously no-one like that is involved in CF, but it's fair to say that in the past some elected members have done more than others to follow through with their initial aims.

CF Diary is going to monitor the progress of the priority issues outlined by each of the elected NME members, with their priorities being judged by what they felt merited including in their official - albeit short - manifestos.

Granted, some of the statements are somewhat vague, and their implementation will of course be limited by the majority view of other NME members and the priorities of the Chairman - but it will still be useful to hear what steps they took to fulfil the pledges that got them elected.

This is a positive exercise in encouraging the effectiveness of CF and its accountability to its members.

So here in their own words are the objectives of this year's NME, and the benchmarks that their success will be judged by...

Karen_allen Karen Allen (manifesto - motive)

  • More training, particularly in campaigning and dealing with the media
  • Organise more campaigning groups
  • Have a conference geared towards students
  • Work to attract members over the age of 22/24
  • Developing the image of CF through a wider range of members and activities
  • Setting up new branches in target seats and cities

Claire_palmer_2_1 Claire Palmer (manifesto - motive)

  • CF should reflect its members better
  • More approachable and varied events
  • Encourage the sharing of best campaigning practice
  • Focus on target seats and cities
  • Encourage members to join local associations
  • Encourage members to stay involved after uni
  • Effective and enjoyable training
  • Perception of CF to be politically serious but fun to be a part of
  • Offer more support and regular contact to branches

CChristian_walker_2 hristian Walker (manifesto - motive)

  • CF to be divided into six regions, with the NME being made up of people elected from each
  • Consult all ACs on what support they need
  • Update the Handbook
  • CF website to have events calendar
  • Raise the profile of CF, through working with the Party Press Office and campaigns
  • All emails to be acknowledged or responded to quickly
  • Review content and accessibility of official emails and website
  • Review the appeal of events, perhaps have a National Ball and a Question Time debate

Ranil_2 Ranil Jayawardena (manifesto - motive)

  • Increase the number of social events
  • Decent range of good events outside London
  • Give branches more freedom from Central Office
  • Two-way communication with members

Craig_cox_1 Craig Cox (manifesto - motive)

  • Cut down on bureaucracy through efficiency initiatives
  • Decentralisation
  • Do more to attract people not in education
  • More time given to creating and developing Uni CF branches
  • Merge successful branches with failing ones

Matthew_richardson_2 Matthew Richardson (manifesto)

  • More policy days
  • Guide to student branches written by experienced students/alumni
  • Events for young professionals
  • Let members make a clear decision on NUS engagement


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