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Why I am standing for London North West: Rodrigo Sanchez

RodrigoWhy I am standing for CF Chairman of the London NW Area?

Over the last six months, David Cameron has begun to transform our Party into a modern, compassionate Conservative Party bringing with it a new mood and message of change, optimism and hope.

So too must Conservative Future change, and bring about the same message of optimism and hope.

Feeling valued with a new attitude and a new outlook

However, to meet this challenge we need firstly a change in our attitudes and outlook; we need a reformed and re-vitalised Conservative Future.

For too long we have heard the same old rhetoric: improving CF communications, bigger and better events or making it the best year yet…I have heard enough of that…we have “had” enough of “it”. Conservative Future needs to be a genuine working body, subject to the needs and recommendations of all Branch leaders and the local community rather than just a “talking shop” or a “token organisation for young people”.

All too often, CF Members like me know they do not have proper involvement in which to express their own views or contributions to Party Policy. “What exactly is the point of Conservative Future?” they ask.

I refuse to venture out on a grand list of policies that might solve the problem and hopefully might make Conservative Future “fit for purpose”. We need to be honest and address the problems embedded within this organisation and ask, “What can Conservative Future do for us?” and more importantly, “What can it do for the Conservative Party?”

If elected, I intend to hold my first meeting in an open and honest forum with all Branch Chairmen in the area and ask how CF can work for local members and how we can make CF…worth it!

One organisation… the same future

Undoubtedly, Conservative Future needs more recruitment drives through postal and local means every year.

A long list of pledges, irrespective of whether they can be achieved or not, will further alienate CF members in the decision making process; CF needs to work for the Area not the Executive’s targets.

The new term of Office is a short one, so therefore specific policy objectives will get things right, first time round. My leadership will start things from scratch. We need to win back our disillusioned members who have lost faith in this organisation: quarterly Q&A sessions and published newsletters are appropriate at this time, to ensure continual involvement in CF Area Developments.

The creation of more executives or panels will slow down the decision making process by going through ever more channels. We need an Area where the Chairman ensures trust is transferred to Individual Branch Leaders rather than always following the Area Chairman.

We need to adopt a newer brand of “One Nation Conservatism”, involving simpler administration.

The Issues that matter

I want to seize back those days when students campaigned for what mattered. I believe it is right that we should engage in modern debates on Fair Trade and the global environment. However, joint petitions to MPs or campaigning locally isn’t everything.

Getting our Council leaders to know we mean business is paramount.

Holding bi-annual advice surgeries with Council leaders and Executive members will target necessary improvements in boroughs especially for young adults but also hold to account Labour run administrations and their borough commitments.

If then, you share the same aspirations and ambitions that I do, I want you to join and help me to achieve this new change. Moreover, I hope that you too, will support and vote for the campaign to “Set the Agenda for the Future!”


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