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Why I am standing for NME: Greg Stafford

Greg_staffordConservative Future needs to change!

I am running for Conservative Future’s National Management Executive because I think we can and must make a huge contribution to our Party's chances of winning the next General Election. Helping the Party to win must be the priority for CF over the coming years and I will work with the other members CF NME to make sure we never lose sight of this goal.

Two distinct organisations:

For too long CF has been trying to organise events and campaigns with two different groups of people; students and young professionals. Both these groups need special attention. Parties organised for 18 year old students will have little appeal to the city banker aged 29 and vice versa. Likewise with campaigning, resources are spread using the blunder buss technique. Students usually have more time on their hands and are willing to stuff envelopes and knock on doors, while professionals who have less time to spare would prefer to help in dedicated and targeted ways such as a stint of telephoning canvassing. If CF continues to try to appeal to the morass of 16-30 years old it will continue to miss its mark in both cases.

London vs. Non-London:

Without a doubt CF has been too London focused over the years. This is understandable as CF’s base, CCHQ, is located in central London and being the capital city it is not surprising that the political focal point is here. However, that is no excuse not connecting with the local associations outside the South-East.

Every year someone promises that they will make CF less ‘M25 focused’ and at best this turns out to mean a Cook’s Tour of some of the larger northern towns. This is tokenism at its worst! What CF needs is to have dedicated people who liaise with branches across the country. Area and branch chairmen need to be fully resourced by the NME and work with the National party on the organisation campaigning and social events.

CF and the National Party:

CF needs to assert itself within the National Party. All too often there is the feeling that CF should be grateful that the National Party acknowledges its existence or even allows it to exist. CF must convey the views of young conservatives to the National Party. It must demand more regular meetings with the Vice-Chairman for youth and with the Party Chairman. I will stand up and be counted and demand these things. If I am refused then we must kick up a fuss!

Universities and Constituency Branches:

Still lacking are the resources that should be readily available for our University branches and student branches to launch successful membership drives at Freshers fairs and we must continue our recruitment initiatives throughout all Universities and a more concerted effort on constituency based Conservative Future branches, where many members complain of a lack of resources or support ‘from above’ to promote our message. Working relationships have to be formed with Constituency Associations.


There is also a definite need for more fun! The “new members” drinks which has been held twice this year organised by the NME in the London North West region have been a great success, but most have seen the same old faces attend. Similar events need to be held across the country, with the NME giving the local area chairman funds to host such events if necessary.


Our ultimate goal in CF is to win the next General Election and we can only do this if we engage with our own members and young people in general.

I have been heavily involved in campaigning for the General and Local Elections, and have witnessed first-hand the difference having a large and committed campaign team can make in changing attitudes. In my region we have enjoyed many successes and importantly, our candidates during the Local Elections had at their disposal, a workforce of young campaigners achieving some of the best results ever.

I have the support of a number of M.P.s, M.E.Ps, London Assembly Members, Councillors and Party Officials all of whom will be listed on my website, which will be fully operational by the end of the week.

I look forward to continuing to be part of CF for many years to come.

Please use the comments feature below if you have any questions for Greg.


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