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Why I am standing for London North West: Munish Chopra

Munish_chopra_1 Until recently I had no intention for running for London North West Area Chairman. Although as someone who lives in Pimlico, works in Victoria, worships at the Arya Samaj Hindu Temple in Ealing and has campaigned in the last two elections in Hendon, I feel a great affinity with the area.

However, voluntary roles within the Party are very demanding. They take-up a lot of your free time, energy and money and at the end of they day, they are very thankless tasks.

However, prior to and at the recent Working Life Training Weekend I was approached by many of the prospective candidates for the CF elections. With a unity of purpose all of them sang the warm praises
of Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Future and urged me to run for London North West Area Chairman.

Two years ago, when I first moved to Westminster, I surprised to learn that there was no Conservative Future branch within the association. I contacted the agent, Donald Stewart and he agreed to setting up a branch in the association. However, I found it really difficult to get support from London North West Conservative Future. Last year, London North West has had very few events and the organisation seems to have become moribund.

As you can see from my bio, I have had the experience of setting up two YC/CF branches. The process off setting up the branch was hard work. The team in Westminster has attempted to put on a varied programme of events throughout the year and takes an active role in campaigning. Not all our efforts bore fruit but with the hard work of Rohan (policy group organiser), Chris (events coordinator), Lee (campaign coordinator), Mike (Deputy Chairman) and Lauren (Social Secretary) we made a good start.

Here are my pledges:


I would like to set up CF branches in target seats. My previous experience in setting up branches  means that I can give invaluable support to the new CF branch Chairmen. I would also like to set up an area wide hit squad that campaigns in local by-elections.


Having high quality events would be a key aim. I would like to set up a City Networking group for young professionals who work in the City. I would also like to work closely CF Student Branch Chairmen for London West wide student events.

There is a once in a generation chance to influence Conservative Party policies at the moment. I would like to organise more events where CF members' views can be heard by the policy groups set up by David Cameron.

The recent local election results in May 2006 led to many young councillors being elected in West London. I would like to organise a practical workshop for them.


If I was to win the election, I would invite all the candidates running for London West Area Chairman to join the London West Area Executive.

The Executive would co-ordinate the activities of Area. But from experience in Cities of London and Westminster project such as events or campaigns would be run by small groups of 2 or 3 people. These "cells" would have a team leader who would report to the executive. The cell structure allows flexibility and durability in the organisation of events and campaigns. Giving people the options of being involved in specific projects according to their interest and time/ work constraints.


Communication is a two way process. My top priority would be to always make myself available to any CF member within the Area. I will always be willing to listen and offer support. I will seek to set a monthly bulletin to all members in the Area sent via branch Chairmen, Association Agents/Chairmen to keep all members informed of developments.

I would also seek to set a London West Area blog to keep all members informed of developments.

Events are advertised on websites where non party members can also view them, such as ConservativeHome.

My campaign is based on the theme of "raising the bar", I believe that CF members in London North West deserve a properly working area structure that does not short change them. For more information please visit my website and blog.

Please use the comments feature if you have any questions.


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