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Why I am standing for NME: Christian Walker

ChristianwalkerpictureI believe it is time to re-evaluate why people join conservative future and respond accordingly, this is a key reason why I have decided to stand for the National Management Executive.  Having been involved at county level for six years I believe recent executives have let down members and area chairs.  Last year's election was a farce with many people not getting a vote and after all the promises of those that were elected last year things have got worse - now is the time for action.

There continues to be an inner M25 focus which seriously needs addressing.  As a management consultant working for a Project Management and Interim Management Consultancy I believe I can bring a number of skills to the National Management Executive table including reviewing the operational structure of CF both in the interim and long term.

The Midlands CF is in crisis with area chair vacancies rising by the month with many key area chair posts vacant.  Sadly the picture is replicated across the country in other important areas such as Bristol and Gloucestershire. No attempt has been made to address these issues.

Within the last year there has been no serious logical support for area chairs, support events that have not been cancelled at the last minute have been poorly advertised and are often on weekdays - not great for those of us who have to work!

We need to start working together within CF as well as with the wider party and the electorate.  We need to start to create a buzz about being a Conservative.

I believe strongly in the core principles of the Party, namely relating to Freedoms. The next five years are crucial to ensure a Conservative Government is returned to power and in the next year CF needs to assist in laying the foundations.

The National Management Executive needs to lead this.  My pledges are realistic and co-ordinated - I have not produced a glossy manifesto, or self-promoting video, or covered my site with pictures of me in a corridor with John Major’s left elbow in shot - my stance is for the future.

Find out more on these pledges and why the Conservative Party Chief Whip is supporting me on my website.

If you have any questions for Christian, please use the comments feature below.


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