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Why I am standing for Chairman: Mark Clarke

Mark_clarke I'm fed up with losing elections.

I'm terrified that in 2009 we might end up in coalition with the Liberals.

The purpose of the Party is to win elections. But CF is not playing its full part. The contribution that CF can make is to be an on the ground campaigning force. But we have only around five CF branches in our top 50 marginal seats. How can CF make a meaningful contribution if it does not exist where it is needed?

Look at Crawley which we lost by 37 votes. We had no CF branch. I'm certain if we had had a CF branch we would have won that seat. Look at Croydon Central which we won by 75 votes. I'm certain that the active group of young people we had there made a major difference in gaining those 75 votes.

The next election will be close. More of the same, internecine discussions on structures, regions, policies, NUS etc are not what is needed now.

My term will be focused 100% on building CF branches in marginal seats.

If we do that, then we will have made a meaningful contribution to a Conservative victory in 2006.

My background is steeped in CF. I have run four branches in London and in the North East. I was a regional Chairman for the North East. I also have roles within the senior party, am on my Association Executive, CCHQ?s Marketing Committee, help run one of the Party's Donor Clubs and am on the Parliamentary Candidates' List.

But I also bring a life outside politics to CF. I have worked for five years for Procter and Gamble and for the past two years for The Boston Consulting Group. I have also set up and run two voluntary groups. I believe I have the broader skills and professionalism which CF often lacks.

As last our Party is deadly serious about regaining power. But is CF serious about being a part of that journey? Or is it a playground for the kids or a training ground for the ambitious. I believe it can and should be a part of regaining power.

Please see my website to find out more or to take my online survey.

Or please contact me on [email protected]

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