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Why I am standing for London North West: Andy Peterkin

Reading the submissions of the other candidates for London North West, I think we are all agreed on one thing - namely that London North West is a unique Area with a wealth of talent, resources and potential. The winner of the current election will therefore find himself in the same position as the manager of a top football team - anything other than excellence will be unacceptable. But Jose Mourinho would doubtless tell us that despite the availability of Siberian millions, nothing happens without a great deal of hard work and graft. So it will be with London North West.

Another thing that struck me about my opponents' ConHome articles was their length. Sitting at home on a Monday night, wondering how I can possibly come up with such an impressive missive of my own, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I don't really need to. I can't help but think that we serve no-one, and certainly not the interests of members in London North West by the promotion of form and style over substance. If you want to set up a Conservative Future branch in your constitutency, thats great, and I'll support you in any way I can. If you don't, and just want to be a member and come along to events, thats fine too. If you want to join the Area Executive and have a hand in planning and organising Area-wide events, then welcome aboard. If you just want to help out your local association, but would like to occasionally attend a policy forum, then we aim to please.

I haven't got an all-singing, all-dancing website with legions of MPs, MEPs, National Executive candidates and other sundry Great and Good queuing up to endorse me. You can rest assured that I've spent insufficient time palm pressing, schmoozing and generally knocking about Westminster to accumulate such a distinguished portfolio. Nor are you likely to be interested in my life story. It isn't that interesting in any case. Most disappointingly of all, unless I've been greatly misled, the Area Chairman for London North West doesn't have the opportunity to set trade policy, so the implementation of a radical fair trade agenda is right out. My inner Greenspan is weeping as we speak.

And at the end of the day, who wants to read a War and Peace length essay about the minutiae of the day-to-day operations of a Conservative Future Area? My simple promise to the electorate in London North West is that I'll do what I say I'll do. No wish lists, no equivocation. I have five, simple pledges.

I'll hold at least one high quality, professionally organised event in London North West every month. The proceeds from at least one such event will be donated to a charity chosen by the membership.

I'll work to develop our presence in areas outside the centre of London where the Area has traditionally been weakest.

No overblown internal structures. I will establish an Area Executive with clearly defined roles for each member, and make minutes and fully audited accounts available online, so that members can keep track of what we are doing on their behalf.

I'll launch an agressive fundraising drive. London North West has the capacity to be self sufficient, and you can't do much without funds.

I'll establish the Area as a force in campaigning in London, and make it as easy as possible for members to participate by co-ordinating transport to and from campaign events.

I set out with the aim of keeping it short, and not boring anyone to death. I hope I've succeeded, and that I've put over my ideas with enough simple clarity that you'll consider giving me your vote. Thanks for your time.

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