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Why I am standing for London North West: Gregory Stafford

London North West – Why it is so special:

It has been my great honour to serve the area of London North West over the last 2 years as its Deputy Chairman and then as its Chairman. The Area is the largest in the country in terms of membership and it encompassing some of the most active CF Branches and Associations. The Area has always providing high quality events, with ‘big name’ speakers and top class venues. I am proud to have continued this tradition this year.

Campaigning – The best successes:

This year we have focused mainly on the local elections and the area had some of the best successes ever. CF Members in London North West played a vital part in turning so much of the capital blue. In the Area itself we now control Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Enfield, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. This is a fantastic result and we must work to replicate this in the next General Election.

I will set up a dedicated campaign team to liaise with Associations to build up our campaigning skills and focus.

Events – Quality and focus:

London North West has always chosen quality over quantity when it comes to events. When I was Deputy Chairman we hosted Iain Duncan Smith at the Royal Overseas League and John Major at Simpson’s in the Strand. This year we have continued with top class socials, hosting two shadow cabinet members including David Davis at the RAC Club on Pall Mall.

Local branches have been great at holding small local events but only London North West have pulled in the big names. This is a successful policy which I do not intend to change this year!!

Problems – How we can improve:

There is no doubt that there have been a few problems this year mainly on the communication front. For example, CCHQ did not send me the full contact details of members in the Area and the dedicated Conservative Future e-mail address broke for ages. I will set up a dedicated e-mail address for London North West that I control not Central Office and I will collect membership data from individual Associations rather than relying on information from the National Party. I hope this will solve any communication problems that have occurred this year.

Having said that all our events and campaign days have been well attended and successful. I hope that we can reach out to more young conservatives over this year.

Pledges – Things that London North West must do:

  • Serious political events combined with great socials
  • Debates on political issues with top members of the Conservative Party
  • Speaker meetings with politicians and political commentators
  • Annual ball combined with a number of other dances and nightclub evenings
  • Policy discussions - a monthly meeting to discuss policies and topical issues with all members.


  • Newsletter - with news and articles by party members and young people
  • Complete overhaul of contact information
  • E-mail addresses to be updated and a regular bulletin to be sent out.

Structure of LNW CF

  • Encourage all constituencies to elect Branch Chairmen to relay information to their members
  • Greater contact between LNW CF and the University branches
  • Encourage more women to participate in events
  • Make sure LNW CF is at the forefront of the improvements to the youth arm of the Party

Winning – Continuing the fight:

I have the support of a number of M.P.s, M.E.Ps, London Assembly Members, Councillors and Party officials including The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith M.P. , all of whom are listed on my website. They know the hard work that I have put in to help the Conservative Party win in London and across the country and I hope that we will continue to make CF a driving force in the Party.

These are just general ideas. Please contact me on specific issues. I look forward to continuing to be part of CF for many years to come.

Please use the comments feature if you have any questions about Greg's LNW candidacy


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