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The Nominated Ones...

No surprises with the National Chairman candidates, it should be a close one.

Just two incumbents running for NME so this year's exec will be pretty fresh.

Only a couple of Area Chairmanships have been contested which sadly isn't any worse than recent years (see Matt Hartley's article below). What we don't know yet is how many area positions were not applied to at all.

I'm asking all candidates for articles on why they are standing and will start rolling them out today. Their manifestos should be approved by the Party before the day is out.

In the right-hand side-bar I'm linking to both candidate websites and general blogs written by members of CF - let me know if you want me to add yours.

National Chairman
(3 candidates)

Mark Clarke
Caroline Hunt
Andrew Young

National Management Executive (NME)
(11 candidates for 6 places)

Tim Aker
Karen Allen
Jonathan Ash-Edwards
Craig Cox
Ranil Jayawaradena
Claire Palmer
Matthew Richardson
Gregory Stafford
Patrick Sullivan
Chris Wales (click here for details)
Christian Walker

London North West Area Chairman
(4 candidates)

Munish Chopra
Andy Peterkin
Rodrigo Sanchez (click here for details)
Gregory Stafford

Worcestershire and Warwickshire Area Chairman
(2 candidates)

Anne-Marie Bray
Matthew Hartley


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