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Graham Wild: Developing a political movement

Graham_wild_1 Graham Wild is Former Lincoln CF Chair & Deputy Area Chairman (Lincolnshire)

There are certain parts of the country where CF branches have popped up and been rather successful, much without the help of those in London. In fact, sometimes the people "in charge" don't know of their existence. Can this carry on? If it does those of us who want to modernise and spread a central prevailing Tory message will fail in our quest to do so.

Craig Cox is the only person to touch upon such an important issue within the Conservative Future right now, "why can we not understand the importance of creating bonds between strong and weak branches?". Though Horsham and Crawley are not too far from London themselves. Such places as Gainsborough in Lincolnshire and Lincoln itself have (small in numbers yet...) vibrant, enthusiastic members whom I feel get left in the cold over much of what CF actually is and does. This can and does lead to much disillusionment with the party itself sometimes.

Why can't the members of (for example) Hull, Lincoln and London have social events together at conveniently neutral venues such as Peterborough? Surely this would lead to greater unity and an ethic of togetherness in our quest to become a real force in British Politics? After all, if we're not supposed to be a force in British Politics, what exactly are we for? Caroline Hunt says we are the "largest youth political organisation in the country". This of course is true, but I think we should be describing ourselves as the largest Political Movement amongst the under 30's, and then assign our behaviour to that title role and really put pressure on whatever we all feel are grand important issues of our time. 


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