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October 03, 2006


James Maskell

Theres so little meat, Im chewing on bones and getting splinters in my mouth. Its been 10 months! Osborne can talk about returning to Government all he wants, but unless we have some solid economic policies, supported with intellectual foundations, we're going to find it incredibly hard to win the next election.

James Hellyer

At least he didn't upset the disabled today.

James Maskell

Theres still time...


"But there was one phrase that stuck out - “we will deliver more than we promise”. It was hardly a dog-whistle, still less a commitment"

i have been saying this all along - the party will cut taxes and all these tax debates this week are pointless, it just has to prove it is economically competent to first. it has to get into government and reduce waste to prove that it can and therefore give tax cuts. im sure osborne is planning tax cuts, he just cant tell the public that yet because they'll think he'll cut public services. he has to prove he can and that requires him being in government. lets stop this silly division over whether tax cuts are necessary or not - we know they are, but the party needs to prove itself first.

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