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October 01, 2006



Cameron is not saying 'trust me'. He's saying that he will trust you.

The top-down big government world we now live in is not of his making. He wants to change it. It is completely barmy that so many Conservatives are arguing with Cameron. He is advocating exactly what they are about. He is quite clear that he cannot offer tax cuts until the public sector is reformed. And he is quite clear that he will not put tax cuts infront of the reform.

I am getting sick of all the 'give us more beef'angle as above from wat. Listen to what Cameron is saying, and work from there. Don't expect him to jettison his programme. It's well thought out and a lot more intelligent than you are saying it is.

The media game in the UK requires Cameron to look 'not a Tory'. He's good at the image game as he has to be, but don't push that into saying that he is using image over and above substance. He isn't.

I hope that the army of Tory doubters relax a bit this week and start listening to David Cameron's actual words, and beleiving some of them. He's a lot more intelligent than Blair.

People are not used to listening after ten years of Blair. They assume that everything spoken in politics is nonsense, beacause for ten years it has been. Here is the moment of change, a new leader who refuses point blank to promise what is not achievable, and everyone slagging him off for doing exatly whats needed - putting sense and intelligence back into managing our affairs. Give him a bloody break will you.


Well said! I'm thoroughly looking forward to this conference. I trust David Cameron, I can see what he's doing as someone who has studied political marketing for years, and there is 'beef'- beef on schools, and hospitals and issues of personal freedom that the people on the street care about.

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