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October 06, 2006



What a load of old bollocks. Anybody can grab a headline by getting his staff to organise a makeover in a chapel, regardless of race creed or colour. This was no more an example of Tory change than if they had come down to Sussex and pulled the ragwort out of the hedgerows and paddocks.

When, when, when, will CCHQ realise that we are in a post-gimmick world?


I read about while on holiday and thought it was a marvellous idea and was disappointed I was away because I would have loved to help, so if you plan .anymore of those things make sure to post details on this website.

Jimbo Jones

"I am not sure where the Party Conference will take place next year. But who ever is the MP or Parliamentary Candidate - my black and decker cordless drill awaits you"

Is Tobias threatening MPs or candidates with his drill....sounds ominous

Paul Kennedy

Very well done to all involved.

Further to the 02:59 post, Tobias and his team could have done nothing at all, instead they chose to do something, gimmick or not, it will at least be somthing of use to others.


P Kennedy - Accepted, they could have done nothing at all. Someone will benefit from this. But Ellwood seems keenest that the party should benefit. Had it happened in Stornoway in April, or Aberystwyth in July, there would have been little or no coverage. But no - it happened in Bournemouth during conference time. Cheap, shallow mood music. We'll know it was genuine only if a programme of chapel restoration is rolled out across the country.

Don't hold your breath.

Dan Hassett

I'm glad that we don't all have Og's negative attitude. Surely the reason that we all get involved in politics is to make some kind of positive difference in the world, and just sometimes that means rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty. I was glad to have been able to help with the project on Monday - congratulations to Tobias and his hard working team on getting the job done!


is this where the conservative party is currently at. more column inches on some media gimmick than policy. instead of talking about things that are of primary concern to the public we are left to read about our mp's and shadow cabinet few days spent painting and wiring. i know it's all about image now but while labour discuss real policies we are left as party members to read this rubbish. what it means to be a tory in 2006!

Annabel Herriott

Paul and Og!!! What truly SAD people you are. Tories are organisers and doers. Big time. I was glad to spend all Sunday morning painting. Beats whinging and negativity. I bet people in the real world will not whinge. More likely to say come to our town next year, and bring your old jeans. You two have not caught up with the zeitgeist yet have you?

Chris Palmer

Is it just me, or is this almost word for word, the same speech he gave to the conference?

Sally Roberts

Well done Annabel! Next time I'll bring my painting togs too!!

TFA Tory

I hope that those who upgraded the electrics were qualified electricians. The work, at the very least, should have been inspected by qualified engineers. My personal experience of Mr Ellwood causes me to doubt whether such a professional approach was undertaken.

Mark Clarke

Conservative Future members had a great time getting involved. We took around 40 members down on Monday afternoon and did our bit.

For many of the CFers there this was run of the mill political activity for them. The CF team from Sheffield talked to me about how litter drives are a part of their event calendar. The CF team from Wirral told me how they team up with local park wardens to clear footpaths and go out twice a year to clean up the beach.

This is not a gimmick. Conservatives up and down the country are integrating with their community and making politics happen locally.

I got to know many of my members better in the process. And I got to talk to Cheryl Gillan about building CF up in Wales while we painted a wall together.

Oh and we helped create a community centre for people in Bournemouth. Seems like a good days work to me.

Well done Tobias for conceiving and leading it!

Paul Kennedy

"Is it just me, or is this almost word for word, the same speech he gave to the conference? 06:11

It was, but then sometimes it's always best to stick with the "tried and tested". ;)

Brian Jenner

It was a brilliant idea, very well executed. I thought the presentation before the leader's speech was superb. Far better than the usual comic turn and the passing round of the fundraising bucket which is what we're used to.

Tobias is a dynamic character, with lots of charisma - what is more he's a very likeable individual. It's obvious that he has a great political career ahead of him.

Ruth Hawkins

We have lived in this road, in the area of springbourne all of ur life a have our grandparents, and its unfortuante to see such a beautiful church be turned into a 'shack' for residents of boscombe where true social deprivation lies. We have had irritance and trouble with the community centre since it opened its doors last year, increasing problems with nise and parking. The people who use the chuch use the highest amplification and have no care for the residents, parking continually over peoples drives and it seems the chairman Bob vernon, is souly interested in making a name for himself as being a hero in a so called deprived area. He has no runnnig of the everyday events and has no interest in the problems that have arisen from the groups that attend there.
Its a shame that for so long we have lived in peace and having worshipped in the church for so long its sad to see its decline. Apparently a church that has natural accoutics and was perfectly fine for worshippers and plays etc for so many years is not quite good enough for the new generation that worship and act within these walls. We have only encounted rudeness, lack of respect and total inconsideration from the church since it has been a community centre. We have lived here for 28 years, our parents for 70 years and our grandparents before that, never has there been irritance before, but then who should we listen to that it is such a wonderful project, a person that lives next to it and has lived in the road all their life or people that live in other areas that barely acknowledge what is ging on in the church? My mother wept when she waked into the church on the so called open night, expecting to see such wondrous evnts and actiosn that had supposedly taken place and yet she was confronted with a man who told her he had been clean for 10 years, paint all over the floor, hippies eating chips in the lounge and not one perons offering hr information or interest in someone who actualyl is a true member of the community.

Ruth Hawkins

Before I finalise my comments excuse the spelling mistakes, typing to fast is a peril.
So to end, well done the conservatives.

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