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October 02, 2006


Louise Bagshawe

Repeated post from the first thread:

I apologise to ConHome readers for not doing any education blogging. I haven't been able to get a pass! Even the fringe meetings are inside the secure zone. I met James Cleverley and many other candidates - even the Chairman of my own Association in Bexhill & Battle - who had been unable to get in either.

Mike Rouse

I'm over at the Trouville where I could pick up a WiFi hot spot. Hopefully when I pop over to the Pavillion later on my pass might be ready. It's been about 44 hours now, which is just shambolic. There was one guy I was chatting to earlier who has been waiting since Thursday.

If any of you with wireless in the Pavillion are reading this and feel like a break, pop over to the Trouville, it's outside the zone, some fringe events here and they do good food.

Paul Kennedy

Seems the big mistake was to involve the local constabulary, why were they involved in anycase, surely each application form was signed by the local Chairman etc etc, therefore don't think we need the police vetting people.

Paul Kennedy

As a PS to my 2:12 post;

Terrorists 1 Conservative Party 0

and indeed the same scoreline for the Labour Party.

Terrorists count any change or disruption to our normal or daily routine due to the potential threat that they might pose, as a victory.

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