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October 02, 2006



There were 1600 names of people whose passes were ready read out at lunchtime. But there are another 400 coming down from the police tomorrow morning. It is not clear whether that is the end of the matter. But that suggests there were at least 2,000 people outside the conference 24 hours in.

Matt Davis

There is a tasty rumour circulating that this massive delay was in fact engineered by the Chief Constables of Manchester (where much the same pass problems occurred at the Labour conference) and Dorset in order to demonstrate to the two main political parties the advantages of implementing a compulsory national ID card scheme. Bearing in mind that, amongst others, the Mayor of Bournemouth had serious pass problems this rumour does seem to have some credibility.

John Metcalfe

As my wife and I were part of the unclean we did wonder if it was a conspiracy. We were pleased to get a pass for our 14 year old wheelchair daughter on monday night and enjoyed what became the excluded fringe of the great and the good, meeting people who we might not have done otherwise.(diplomats,
MPs journalists and grassroots)It was just a shame more did not follow IDS example but the staff did their best to move the mountain. Next year more info needed on any security problems in advance

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