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October 02, 2006


Mike Rouse

Sounds like fun. I just wish I was a "have" - still waiting to join that club.


Hello there.
Could you tell me which hotels in Bournemouth house which political correspondents? Are there separate ones for tv / newspapers?

Mike Rouse

Planning on doing a bit of journo-spotting? I think you'll still find a few of them at the Pavillion!

Graham D'Amiral

Nice article Hannah, sounds like delegates are in a very upbeat mood (once they become a have of course).

I hope everyone fortunate enough to be in Bournemouth this week has a wonderful conference. This is the first one I've missed in five years and I'm missing it very much.


Just spoken to prospective candidate friend of mine who is still a have not - I think she wants to end it all after two days of queing. Sounds like chaos down there.

Matt Davis

I guess that you missed the National Convention meeting then Hannah.


Too right Matt

The real have nots are those who have not got onto the A List solely because they are white men.

There would have been little point in them turning up to the Candidates Reception.

Hannah is of course on the A List

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