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October 03, 2006


Michael McGowan

The litmus test of whether this is nothing more than hot air will be if and when the Tory Party offers ordinary taxpayers control of their own taxes by giving them direct choice in relation to education and healthcare. So far, there is no indication that the Tory approach will be any different from Gordon Brown's.


Gordon Brown does not appoint John Redwood as Chief Policy Adviser on the Economy.

If Brown sees a £5 in someone's pocket, he can't keep his hands off it. He takes the fiver and gives £1 change. He can't understand why next time he tries to pick the same pocket, there's only £2 in it.

Conservatives take £2 when they see the fiver. Next time they find a tenner's taken its place. Then we take £4. The government gets more money and the taxpayer keeps more too.

Cameron's a competent manager. He's a Conservative. Brown's not only incompetent. He's a deluded kleptomaniac.

Christopher North

Carswell and Hannan's Direct Democracy initiative is one of the best things happening in politics. At last, politicians who start from an analysis of what is wrong with Britain, and who then set out practical ways to do something about it.

Elected sheriffs, a local sales tax, pluralism in health care, powers back from Brussels, breaking up the Crown prerogative, school choice - it adds up to a revolution in politics, a tilting of the balance back from the state to the citizen, from Whitehall to local communities, from unelected quangoes to elected representatives.

If you haven't done so, look at their website,, and sign up for their email briefings.

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