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October 02, 2006



I watched Camilas entire speech and thought she ruined the point she wanted to make her own hyperbole.Whilst I'm sure Camilas own experiences must make her very angry and it is easy for a comfortable middle class man like me to criticise. But if she wants to influence an audience like this one she must choose her arguments and language much much more carefully.We are NOT all culpable for society's failure to do anything.I daresay that most people in this country do not have the first idea what goes on in care homes.Camila does and it is her job to educate those who have the power to make changes and I would suggest she would be much more likely to achieve that if she was calm, factual and rational.I don't think Camila was any of those which might explain the very desultory applause for her speech and your neighbours comment.It's a shame, the job she does is extremely worthwhile and the fate of children in our care homes is a national tragedy.


I hate to break it to anyone who thinks malcolm is right that Camilla used hyperbole and that we are not all to blame for the terrible situation faced by looked-after children and others at risk. In Gloucestershire most looked-after children can expect to be ignored during their period of care as social workers are overwhelmed. When they are kicked out of the care system at 16 most of them can expect to spend time in prison and almost none of them will have had a worthwhile education. The State has not only been a poor parent but an actively wicked one.

We are to blame because we stopped accepting common responsibility for outcomes. Andrew Lansley seems to be prepared to talk about this and IDS is doing some great work with the SJ commission from what I've heard on the radio. Those of us with comfortable lives might like to think it's all exagerrated but it isn't. 10 years of socialism are doing more and more damage to poor people and we need to stop it. We won't do this by dismissing the truth as 'hyperbole'.

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