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October 03, 2006


Michael McGowan

Predictably stale cliches from Bercow. We can all point to the problems. We aren't stupid and we have been waiting for the Tory Party to acquire the balls to tackle them. Looks like we are going to have to wait quite a bit longer.

James Hellyer

John Bercow's Mastermind specialist subject must be the bleeding obvious.

Perhaps he can now suggest solutions rather than merely describing obvious problems.

Michael McGowan

Now now James, he hasn't had time in the past five years to think about solutions: he has been too busy helping the Labour Party.

James Maskell

To think that Bercow could be in Government running a part of the country in less than 3 years time...beggars belief!


I can just about take Cameron and Osborne, the new faces, banging on about 'change'.

What I can't take are the second (third?) rate old-timers queueing up to diss ideas and principles which they supposedly believed in only recently.

Letwin is a particularly annoying character in that way. His patronising delivery hardly helps.

John Coles

Who remembers the good old days when both Letwin and Bercow were outriders for Thatcherism? Don't times change?!
The thought of those two turncoats determining how the Party should change is too depressing for words.
Of course one should make allowances for Bercow: ever since his marriage to a Liberal Democrat activist he's been slowly developing the courage of his wife's convictions.


Er, she was a Labour supporter.

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