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October 04, 2006


john mcgeggor

the bbc seem to be pretty positive on this not because they dont like blair.i think the others are still hedging their bets for fear of not being asked to number 10 if brown wins, or forms some sort of government.we must remember labour are ruthless,and journalists are still(unbelievably considering the state of labour)still soft on them,and have a soft spot for tony.the cameron camp must learn from this schmoozing and throw every journalist(even if they hate us) steak,not the cheapest cuts,as i fear has been the case in the past.

Jon Harrison

The ITV 10.30 news coverage was very very positive. It could almost have been written by central office itself. ITV had a panel of students watching the speech at Bournemouth Poly. Before the speech only 2 would have considered voting for cameron, after the speech all 10 would have. Their commentator said that Labour should be 'very worried'. Its a shame nobody watches ITV anymore!

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