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September 24, 2006



"And even candidates on the Priority list will be expected to temporarily put seat hunting on hold in order to participate!"

Tobias - superb project - can non A listers come too??

Teresa Rosell

Tobias, well done for organizing this project. You can count me in and I will be encouraging others to help too.

Adrian Owens

Great project.

How appropriate for Daniel Kawczynski to volunteer to do the ceilings. Given his height he won't need to use ladders!

Mottingham man

Why does Tobias describe Bournemouth as a "city"? As one of the local MPs, he should know that it is a town.

Annabel Herriott

Excellent Tobias! Thanks for the warning. Luckily I am driving down, so overalls/mucky jeans/old shoes/rollars/brushes etc, can be slung in the boot. Please post on here, meeting places, what jobs on what days, small map as to location of building, do we need our vacuum flasks for a hot drink?


A superb project. As well as helping to show the people of Bournemouth that we believe in society once again, any coverage in the national press can only create favourable publicity. Everone wins!

Political Animal

I'm all for social action (I'm a Dr)... but there's something so happy-clappy and 'means well' about this whole thing. Trying too hard to be nice - with a staged and rather mawkish CCHQ-generated pinch of self-righteousness. Foul.

I would prefer to see gutsy fearless leadership from a party that wants to form a government. Please please start growing up.

Brian Jenner

Where exactly is this church? I live in Bournemouth and don't know it. I can't find it on Multimap.

Can we have a location link? It's important because can we walk there? Do we need to get a bus/cab?

John Moss


Happy to offer any help I can from my property renovation background.


Nick King


The church is in Springbourne, on the corner of Holdenhurst Road and St Mary's Road. Essentially it's just behind the fire station on the Richmond Park Road/Wessex Way junction. It's probably best to catch a bus from the Lansdowne where you are.

For those who don't know the area: as you enter Bournemouth on the A338, look for the second full junction, signposted Charminster, Boscombe and Winton. It's the first underpass you come to, about a mile after passing the Bournemouth sign. Turn left off this junction, signposted Springbourne and Boscombe. The church is then straight ahead, slightly to the left. You can't miss it.

Please e-mail me direct if you need any more information or directions.

It's a huge project, but a very worthwhile one. Local Conservatives will be there to help you orientate yourselves and organise the work. We look forward to seeing you there!


Well done to everyone involved in this wonderful project.
Extra special thanks to Libby and Emily...
they are the real behind the scenes heros! xxx

Skirting Boards

I hear positive feedback on this since all the members do their best foot forward.,But for now I am not sure if they are still on a good standing.

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