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September 27, 2006


TFA Tory

Attendance is always higher in Bournemouth. More activists live in the south, the hotels are clean and the weather is better.


It's always puzzled me that the conferences are held in the most inaccessible places. Why not hold one in the middle of the country?

Paul Kennedy

ASLEF delegates to the Labour Conference went home having waited around for three days to get their passes, conspiracy or cock-up one asks. ;)

Paul Kennedy

It's a question of bedrooms to suit all pockets I think Deborah, hence mainly by the seaside.

TFA Tory

Conferences are genereally held at seaside resorts because there are more hotels and guest houses with a wide range of prices.

Labour conference attendees will be paying top business rates to stay in central Manchester. The same problem would apply to other major cities such as Birmingham.

Blackpool would be fine if it had a new conference centre to replace the Winter Gardens. One could be built adjacent to the Hilton Hotel, next to the Imperial Hotel. The hotels beyond the Hilton are often better.


Not sure about the suits all pockets theory. when the conferences come to town the hotel prices skyrocket. Just check the difference between a hotel next week and the same hotel the week after.If i'm going to be ripped off i'd like to at least be ripped off in the comfort of a city.
In addition we have to be seen to be trying to win back the city vote. Turning up in Manchester or Newcastle or any other city would be a good start.


Is there any truth in the rumopur that Blackpool heavily subsidise the Conference centre so as to make the area more appealing to the Conservatives & Liberals

TFA Tory

An official of Blackpool council told me that the council had paid the Party's Winter Gardens fee and funded modernisation of the Winter Gardens (not sure what though) and Imperial Hotel to attract the party back.


CCHQ have been unbelievably incompetent in sorting out passes.

I handed in my form and cheque well before the August deadline and I haven't received anything yet.

Why should I be forced to queue for hours and hours because they can't get their act together?



I have to agree with Tory lady, this year has been a complete mess. the main website send all the passes where being sent out on Thursday Sep 14th, a friend of mine gots his the next day, but I didnt get mine until the following Thursday. Another friend in Leicestershire have reived his as off yesterday. I wonder what the hell is going on!!!!

Sean Fear

Is that the figure for Conservative Party members' passes, or does it include Press/lobbyists etc?

Andy Hemsted

The best places for conferences would be the major cities of this country. We already look like a party of the countryside and suburbs.

As for reasonably priced hotels. The cost of a hotel I looked at more than doubled for conference than during summer. We get ripped off. I have found staying in Vegas for Christmas and New Year is cheaper than trying to stay in Bournmouth for Christmas!!!

I would suggest places with large transport systems like London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester. It would also show that we take the election in the cities seriously.

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