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David Sergeant

I just wonder if being simple is enough. If you take Reid's article in today's Telegraph where he, in theory, is talking about some proposed legislation, but, in fact he is just a sst up oportunity to smear Cameron. It's the same sort of stuff as the Sun's 100 "opinion formers" when anyone really knowledgable wouldn't trust Brown with anything. Wouldn't be surprised if the "opinion formers" don't exist and it's all part of a smear campaign with Reid.

Brian Jenner

I agree with Damian, this is a fantastic book. Dr Frank Luntz is cheeky, urbane and very smart. It's not often that you're so engrossed in a quasi-academic book that you leave cups of tea undrunk or pans on the boil.

This is a very accessible manual which in a swashbuckling way tells you how to get your message across.

Luntz spends thousands of hours honing his messages in his dial sessions. (That's when people give immediate feedback on performances by pushing a button saying just how impressed they are at every point in a speech). That's how he finds the "words that work".

He sums up in one paragraph what David Cameron must do.

"But what I remember most was the brisk ten-minute early-morning walk with Newt Gingrich the next day to complain that the Republicans had no agenda to appeal to the majority of Americans, that we had become so cynical toward politics and politicians that all the traditional words and labels would fail the credibility test. I asserted that any overarching platform had to look, sound and actually be different from anything that had come before." p150

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