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Didn't Lincoln believe that the blacks should be sent back to Africa?


Furthermore his support for tarrifs had a detrimental effect on the unity of the country.



A superb book. It explains quite clearly how the ACW developed (some lessons for both europhobes and europhiles and their excessive language perhaps) and how Abe rose to power from a limited base (it seems that the starting favourite is most likely to lose due to existing emnity more than lack of policy).
One interesting detail is Abe's ability to avoid policy statements, when these would become divisive. I am not even going to think about matching Dave with Abe but Dave's reticence makes much more political sense now.
Overall a really worthwhile read, especially if your flight is cancelled and you have to take Eurostar to get home in time for work on Monday.

PS While I agree with Richard that US Whig or Republican support for tarrifs clearly goes against what we believe now, at the time it would have seemed a pretty obvious choice when you have a surging internal market. The opposition from the Democrats, of the time, also makes sense when their supporters were exporting tradable commodities.

PPS While there was a element amongst abolishment supporters for encouraging ex-slaves to move back to their "homeland", I believe that it was recognised by most people (on either side) that this was a flight of fancy that ticked some of the boxes of some voters without ever being a realistic proposition. Rather like most of New Labour statement I suppose.

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