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I immigrated to Britain in 1992- Westminster Council looked after me very well although on the face of it, I would not look like a Tory voter at all. So, I have always been sceptical about the fit up Dame Porter received.

Labour councils for example, spend loads doing up council blocks (buying votes), Gordon Brown spends hard earned tax payers money so many teenagers can have a big booze/drugs up when they turn 18...they are all 'gerrymandering'techniques- I think she did little, if anything, wrong. Come to think of it, most policies from all parties are there to engineer a better electoral outcome for themselves.

Tracey Fordington

Hi Eugene,

Why don't you try reading the book? If you'd arrived in Westminster in 1987 instead of 1992...you would have been whisked off to a prefab next door to Barking Power station faster than you could say "I love Shirl!"



No- I don't want to enrich someone making money out of other people's misfortunes. All I know is that the lady had to fork out £12 million for serving people, the guy who organised the fit up had beef with the Tories, a man committed suicide , the number of votes involved were (even Labour admit) far too insignificant to swing any ward and Westminster was a great place to live (which was not long after the lady left so she must have had something to do with it being great).


Apologies for the tone of that last post. It could seem somewhat agressive and rude.

I have always hung on three points about the whole Porter - Westminster story:

1. It could not have swung any ward. The Tories stated that that was NOT the intention either.

2. Most administrations have policies imposed on the entire community but actually promote only parts of the constituency, more often than not, to the benefit only of their own natural voters.

3. A suicide and a 12 million bill was completely disproportionate to the events.


Adrian Sherman

This book is a disgrace. What an earth did she actually do wrong? Keep Westminster a half-decent place to live? Labour 'gerrymander' up and down the country, but they never get prosecuted.

Besides, the vendetta against Lady Porter had more than a whiff of anti-Semitism behind it, not only from the usual left wing suspects but also from some local 'Tories'.

Tracey Fordington

O come on Eugene and Adrian!

In these days of moral and political realignment under David Cameron, we should take a leaf out of Neil Kinnock's book in 1986 when he courageously condemned the awful Derek Hatton and his equally repellant Militant handing out redundancy notices by mini cab to council workers. Stand by Shirley? Why?

If for some reason you think that Tories shouldn't condemn what should be condemned, may I just say to you, with all due respect-asbestos?



a bit of bluster was all she injected into the listless Westminster Council.Her only virtue appears to be that she could talk to anyone....apparently unfazed by the prostitutes of soho.Otherwise,an entirely unsavoury character emerges form this excellently written book.
Shirley ought to have been sent to prison.


Can only say, bring da Dame back!
Westminster misses Shirley!

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