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Guido Fawkes

Tricky allegory, but I think I understand the point you are making.

Book sounds good, will go to Amazon now...


Interesting analysis. At the moment I confess I have little faith in the ability of the people to face the truth. Decades of socialism, only partially mitigated by the Tories, has blinded most people to a real alternative.


I actually found this book somewhat incoherent as it ranged widely over so many subjects - from human cloning to Victoria Beckham - that the analysis of our social and cultural predicaments seemed unfocussed. It also seemed a book which, though asking some important questions, relied too much on ad-hoc anecdotes and writing that occassionally descended into a rant. The chapter on education, for example, which made some good points was almost fatally undermined by a many tyopgraphical errors. Did somebody actually read through the typescript before it was published? Also, I was left feeling unclear on the so what now question. The best O'Hear could come up with, it seems, a universal return to religion or more particularly Christian religion. A pretty predictable and unexplored answer given the complexity of our times.


I, of course, meant 'typographical' errors!!

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