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"After six years at the Bank of England where I studied the Russian economy, I joined the team at Conservative Central Office in 1999.

From then until 2003 I spent much of my time building relations for the Tory Party with churches, community organisations and the like.

I originally became involved in Conservative politics because of beliefs in national defence, strong families, the sanctity of every human life and my concern at the drift to 'ever closer union' with the Brussels superstate.  But my travels across Britain inspired me to rediscover other authentic conservative beliefs.

Today I believe that at the heart of conservatism must be a passion to build 'one nation' of security and opportunity for all.

The 'core' Tory beliefs - on tax, Europe, crime, immigration - still matter enormously but conservatism is lifeless if not committed to Disraeli's 'elevation of the people' - at home and abroad.

I was Iain Duncan Smith's political secretary for his last two months as Conservative leader.  I left the Conservative Party's payroll when he was deposed and, in my proudest political moment, helped him to establish the Centre for Social Justice.

My political hero is William Wilberforce.  This devout Christian stood for a great cause - the abolition of slavery -  and brought the greatest of qualities - perseverance - to ensure he succeeded.

ConservativeHome consumes half of my working life.  The other half is spent at where I direct campaigns and news.

I am a regular media pundit and my broadcast experience includes Radio 4's Today, The Week in Westminster, The World at One, PM, The World Tonight, BBC1's Ten'o'clock News, BBC2's Newsnight, Channel 4 News and Fox News' Special Report.  I have written for The Times, The Guardian and The Independent."

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