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The row over Abu Qatada's deportation ruling leads the 5pm newslinks

Abu Qatada deportation row

  • AbuQatada1"It "isn't acceptable" that the UK cannot deport radical cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan, the home secretary has said. Theresa May told MPs the government was "considering all legal options" open to it - including referring the case to the European Court's grand chamber. Abu Qatada is due to be released on bail, after the European Court of Human Rights ruled he could not be deported... A Downing Street spokeswoman has said it is "not the end of the road" for the case."" - BBC
  • "Dominic Raab criticised the decision to block Abu Qatada’s deportation to Jordan on the grounds he might not get a fair trial, warning “you can’t make Britain responsible for the justice systems in Jordan”." - PolHome (£)
  • “But that’s why I think the Home Secretary needs to tell us this afternoon what she’s doing to get Abu Qatada deported, to stand trial in Jordan, because I think there is still further action the Government needs to take to deliver that, and secondly what they’re doing to protect the public in the mean time.” - Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper quoted by PolHome (£)
  • Ignore the European Court and deport Abu Qatada tonight - Douglas Murray

Andrew Lansley Cabinet reshuffle rumours

LANSLEY ANDREW NEW"No 10 insists Andrew Lansley has David Cameron's "full support", despite a Downing Street source reportedly saying the health secretary "should be taken out and shot"." - BBC

  • "The PM met with Nick Clegg and Andrew Lansley yesterday, and they agreed to press on. The Health Secretary will be allowed to continue with the reform, despite concerns about the way he has handled it." - Benedict Brogan
  • "However, it's precisely because the "fundamentals" of the bill remain that it's hard to see Cameron either sacking Lansley or abandoning the reforms. He missed his chance to do that last summer. As the bill re-enters the Lords, the likelihood is that Lansley will live to fight another day." - New Statesman
  • Labour's Andy Burnham: Cameron must clarify if briefing on Lansley reflects majority opinion in No 10 - PolHome (£)
  • No-one emerges from the health reform smash-up with any credit - Richard Marsh

In Brief:

  • Cameron is right to focus on quality apprenticeships - James Plunkett
  • Phone hacking: Met police failed to warn victims - BBC
  • Boundary review expected to be completed a lot earlier than expected - Political Betting
  • CARSWELL DOUGLAS"What do UK contributions to Eurozone bailouts, the failure to deport Abu Qatada and wind farms each have in common? They are, explained my constituent, “the sort of things I voted Conservative to stop. Yet they just seem to happen anyway”." - Douglas Carswell
  • The full list of Dickens novels given to each Cabinet member by Jeremy Hunt - Guido Fawkes
  • Local government: Tory councils serve notice of legal challenge to HS2
  • "The exodus of ambassadors from Damascus continues. The six Gulf Cooperation Council states (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE) have announced that they are withdrawing their envoys. They are also going a step further than Britain, France and Italy – by expelling the Syrian ambassadors from their own countries." - Guardian liveblog of Syrian situation
  • Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed resigns amid unrest - BBC

And finally 1... Grant Shapps: My 10 rules of thumb for every tweeting MP - PolHome (£)

And finally 2... Lembit Opik re-emerges in a music video - Guido Fawkes