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Reactions to PMQs and the continuing row over Abu Qatada's release from prison lead our teatime review

PMQs reactions

 PMQs 8th feb

  • ToryDiary: Not exactly clear support for Lansley from Cameron at PMQs
  • "Even though he knew it was coming, Mr Cameron's response to Ed Miliband's attack on NHS reform was somewhat brittle. At times, he was reduced to an almost Brownite recital of statistics and facts: not a good look for the PM." - James Kirkup
  • "In many ways today was a reheated stew of some of the worst elements of Cameron’s reign over PMQs – the death of satire, Flashman, Listen to the Doctor and the PM’s inner Gordon Brown. Cameron was poor, but Ed Miliband won’t care a jot. He bested the PM comprehensively today." - LabourList
  • "As expected, Ed Miliband went on the NHS and it helped deliver him a points victory. Whenever Miliband raises the issue at PMQs, David Cameron’s rather overly macho body language gives away that he knows he is playing on a sticky wicket." - James Forsyth
  • "It is axiomatic in football that once the chairman declares total confidence in the manager he is on is way out. Today David Cameron declared his trust in Health Secretary Andrew Lansley." - New Statesman

Abu Qatada deportation row continues

AbuQatada1"David Cameron has said it is "completely unacceptable" that Abu Qatada is to be freed from jail. He told MPs that the radical cleric should have been deported to his native Jordan "years ago" and the UK would do everything it could to make it happen." - BBC

  • Peter Bone MP: "My advice to the Prime Minister, for what it is worth, is that we have a Home Secretary who is itching to deport this chap. We have a Supreme Court saying he should be deported to our longest-standing ally in the Middle East. I would say to the Prime Minister put the British people first, and put that person on a plan tonight and tell the European Court to take a running jump." - PolHome (£)
  • Labour's Yvette Cooper: "I have just see the bail judgement from yesterday, and the really troubling thing about that is it suggest that in fact, had the Home Secretary and Prime Minister been taking this urgent action some weeks ago, it is possible that Abu Qatada would not have been granted bail." - PolHome (£)
  • "The latest revelation to come out of the BBC is the guidance issued at the BBC editorial meeting suggesting that Abu Qatada, the Jordanian whom the British government is too gutless to deport, should not be described as an “extremist” because that would suggest a “value judgment”." - Ed West

Left-wing Lib Dem grassroots group to launch

  • Libdem_bird.148121242"A new Lib Dem group – Liberal Left – have announced their launch today. The group is opposed to Lib Dem membership of the coalition, and appeared avowedly pro-Labour." - LabourList
  • "The first Liberal Democrat group openly opposed to the coalition is to be launched at the party's spring conference in Gateshead next month with a warning that the coalition has been a political disaster for the party, as well as a denial of its radical roots." - Guardian
  • Their launch statement includes the phrase: "A future coalition with Labour and others on the liberal left is more likely to secure Liberal Democrat goals than a further coalition with the Conservatives and we should actively work to make that possible."

Boris vs Ken interview

  • Johnson Boris CopenhagenKen on homosexuality: "Well, the Labour ones have all come out . . . As soon as Blair got in, if you came out as lesbian or gay you immediately got a job. It was wonderful . . . you just knew the Tory party was riddled with it like everywhere else is."
  • Ken Livingstone interview - New Statesman
  • Question to Boris: "What is your greatest fear?" His answer: "Finding myself on a beach with Ken Livingstone"
  • Boris Johnson interview - New Statesman

In Brief:

  • Downing Street denies UK is 'militarising' Falklands - BBC
  • Sir Victor Blank - Labour's banker? - Paul Waugh
  • Eastleigh, Edgbaston and Hodge Hill - the possible by-elections to look forward to this year - New Statesman
  • Guardian and Press Association's reporting of BMJ poll under scrutiny - FullFact
  • "Trials suggest millions of pounds could be saved by using "nudge theory" about how people behave to encourage them to pay taxes and fines, officials say." - BBC