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David Cameron's health summit and Les Ebdon's university appointment lead our teatime newslinks

Andrew Lansley heckled on the way to David Cameron's health "summit"

Appointment of Les Ebdon as university admissions "tsar" criticised

  • CABLE Vincent"Les Ebdon has been formally announced as head of the university fair access body, despite the opposition of MPs on the committee examining his selection." - BBC
  • "Ebdon represents the mindset that has done so much damage to British education in the past 50 years." - James Forsyth
  • "The Les Ebdon saga illustrates another consequence of the Chris Huhne resignation. Vince Cable‘s position in the coalition is enhanced by being the last big beast left below DPM level." - Gary Gibbon
  • "Tory MP for Hertsmere James Clappison asked: "What confidence can students and universities and parents have in this appointee if the select committee does not have confidence in him? "What confidence can the public have in this appointment when the select committee says in its conclusion... 'we were not convinced of Prof Ebdon's description of the root causes of the obstacles to accessing universities'?" - Yorkshire Post
  • Russell Group attacks university admissions targets - Daily Telegraph
  • "An A from Eton is worth less than an A from Scumbag Comprehensive, and Oxbridge admissions tutors know it" - Daniel Knowles

Europe news

  • Eurozone"After months of haggling and heartache, the euro zone is finally set to push ahead with a new, enhanced rescue deal for Greece Monday that will avert—at least for the present—the threat of a potentially catastrophic default." - WSJ
  • "Athens needs the 130bn euros (£110bn; $170bn) in order to avoid bankruptcy next month, when loans must be repaid. The rescue plan would also write off 100bn euros of debt, with private lenders accepting a 70% reduction in what Greece owes them. In return, they would receive cash and new bonds, expected to mature in 30 years' time." - BBC

Theresa May to split up UK Border Agency - BBC

Police Commissioner elections

"Labour Uncut has learned that party officials have extended the deadline for applications for Labour candidates hoping to become Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). ... Perhaps the most closely fought contest will be in Merseyside where two former Labour ministers are set to go head-to-head. Jane Kennedy and Peter Kilfoyle... Other former Labour ministers who have announced their candidacies include Paddy Tipping, a former deputy leader of the house (Nottinghamshire) and former DWP minister James Plaskitt (Warwickshire)." - LabourUncut


  • BROKENSHIRE JAMES ON SKYSecurity minister James Brokenshire admits he will not sleep easy until after Olympics - Daily Telegraph
  • "Armed forces reservists are being called up to boost security for this summer's London Olympics." - BBC
  • "The Ministry of Defence spent £290m on specialist consultants last year while making thousands of military and civilian personnel redundant, new figures show." - Guardian
  • The Guardian is exploring opening a hotel - Harry's Place
  • Maude or Grayling to replace Ken Clarke…say Ken’s own civil servants - Crash Bang Wallace