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Justine Greening's Network Rail bonus victory leads the 5pm newslinks

Victory for Justine Greening after Network Rail bosses, including chief executive Sir David Higgins, have said they will not accept bonuses this year - BBC

Greening long

  • Company directors announce they will use money for safety improvements instead - Guardian
  • "There has been no similar instance of ministers getting involved in NR’s corporate governance since the 2005 dismantling of the Strategic Rail Authority, according to coalition insiders. They point out that Labour ministers always used to wash their hands of final decisions on Network Rail remuneration, telling the Commons repeatedly that it was a “private company.”" - FT Westminster

Radical preacher Abu Qatada granted bail after European Court of Human Rights vetoes deportation

"Home Secretary Theresa May wants the 51-year-old to stay in jail while Britain seeks assurances from the Jordanian authorities that evidence gained through torture would not be used against him." - BBC

Investors are losing confidence that David Cameron will deliver economic growth - Bloomberg

Maria Miller, a minister in the DWP, has claimed that there's no job shortage but a lack of skills and a "fear" of work - TwitPic

Disability charities should have done much more to prevent the exploitation of the benefits system by those who are not disabled - Steve Doughty at The Daily Mail

Ken Clarke: Giving divorced and separated fathers stronger rights could be 'dangerous' - Telegraph

Owen Paterson rejects Sinn Fein's call for a referendum on a United Ireland by 2016

Paterson Owen 2010

- FT (£)

Cameron on Syria: Russia and China are protecting a regime which is killing thousands of people

"We find their position both incomprehensible and inexcusable. By supporting that regime, they are strengthening it and allowing it to continue with that violence." - Sun

  • "Clegg said the whole world was "united in horror" at the bloodbath in Syria, after hundreds of citizens were slaughtered by government forces this weekend. Mr Clegg said he was "bitterly disappointed" with Russia and China for blocking a key UN resolution putting pressure on President Assad to stop the slaughter." - Sun
  • Hague has accused China and Russia of "betraying the Syrian people" by vetoing a UN resolution condemning violence there - BBC
  • 50 more people have been killed in Homs today - Sun

David Miliband says his brother Ed will lead Labour into the next election and is the "best man" to do so - BBC

  • David Miliband has (again) ruled out a return to frontline politics - Sun


Sky reports: Matt Zarb sparked controversy on Twitter by writing: "Congratulations this morning to Queen Elizabeth II. 60 years of scrounging benefits off the taxpayer without being caught."

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 17.09.08"Another day, another Twitter Storm. This time over a Parliamentary researcher Tweeting Her Maj has been "scrounging benefits off the taxpayer" for 60 years. Not very funny or original... But the manufactured outrage(particularly you, Charlie Elphicke) is tiresome. I've never met the Labour shadow frontbench aide Matt Zarb-Cousin at the centre of the _ better type this quick - latest controversy. He's apologised and if I was him, I wouldn't worry. There'll be another Twitter storm along shortly to blow his away. The fury is boringly predictable and, as a result, losing its force. Good." - Mirror

In Brief:

  • The BBC, ITN and Sky News have called on Prime Minister David Cameron to push through new legislation allowing courtroom proceedings to be televised - LegalWeek
  • David Cameron’s former policy director, James O'Shaughnessy, has criticised poor lobbying by major corporations during his time in Downing Street - Public Affairs News
  • Economist Dieter Helm says shale gas might be a game-changer. James Forsyth ponders what this might mean for the Coalition's energy policies.
  • The big freeze has not just caused major disruption across the country. It has also exposed the hollowness of fashionable green rhetoric about global warming - Leo McKinstry in The Express
  • An unprecedented level of opposition awaits the Government's health service bill in the Lords this week - Jenni Russell in the Evening Standard
  • Lib Dem party activists are seething about the welfare reform bill - New Statesman
  • Lord Steel wants modest but speedy Lords Reform Bill - PoliticsHome
  • it might not be too long before Britain is begging India for rupees - Douglas Carswell

And finally... Tory benches cheer Theresa May's mention of Essex Police - Guido Fawkes